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White Crosses

    Family Owned And Operated

  • We Offer Professional Hassel Free Service

  • Designed Around ISSA Cleaning Standards

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Hunt's Family Cleaning is a luxury, commercial and residential cleaning service that provides impeccable service by elevating our clients' space with high-quality certified cleaning techniques. We are a woman-owned company with reliable, hardworking employees. We have built a standard of trust with our community and the clients we work with.

Why Choose Hunt's Family Cleaning?

What Sets Us Apart

HFC utilizes innovative technology systems, equipment, products, and management software and systems. Hunt's Family Cleaning provides our clients with extraordinary building services for facility spaces. By implementing environmentally friendly systems using proven methodology, our well-trained technicians focus solely on providing environmentally friendly, sustainable, and efficient solutions delivering an enhanced workplace experience, measured results, and outstanding client support, as a trusted part of your team.

What it comes down to is relationships - at Hunt's Family Cleaning, relationships are our biggest asset. Our company is almost solely built on our excellent service reviews, the client relationships we create and word of mouth. With many customers who have been us since the beginning, we have created a high standard in the cleaning business in our community. Because of our consistent premium service, Hunt's Family Cleaning exceeds customer expectations every time. By delivering value, reliability, and building client relationships, Hunt's Family Cleaning  consistently out cleans the competition.

Why Work With
Hunt's Family Cleaning???

Hunt's Family Cleaning Specializes in the cleaning of Medical Facilities such as doctor's offices, dental offices, veterinary offices, hospitals, and nursing homes. What drove us to primarily focus on medical facilities was the lack of cleaning in these settings. We have noticed a 

We are a single-source provider that offers many janitorial services instead of outsourcing contracts for our clients' needs. We are here to be of service to you in various ways. 

Our team goes through rigorous training that builds their skill set. Communication, Janitorial Cleaning, and customer service, etc. 

We are committed to setting our teams up for success, which is why we use software that increases productivity, client communication, time tracking, inventory, bid walkthroughs, and so much more. Each client's scope of work will be different, and our software allows us to create client portals and customize the scope of work. 

Maintaining a clean office is essential due to the environment's appearance, gaining trust from your customers, infection control, and Customer satisfaction.  

The advantages of hiring a professional cleaning company:
-Having a group of well-trained staff knowledgeable on the tier cleaning techniques and sanitation of areas where blood is usually present.
-hazard communication program includes its disposal procedure, MSDS per chemical
-Always updated with the best and latest equipment and technology. By having the best tools and equipment, the office manager can ensure that the cleaning professionals have the highest quality of cleaning.



Quality Control

It is our mission to deliver premium cleaning services with a luxurious touch.


Our Values

Hunt's Family Cleaning was founded on integrity, quality, trust, teamwork, respect, excellence, and punctuality. We add value to your life by relieving the daily stress of cleaning.

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