Updated: Jul 5

Hard surface flooring can make your home look fabulous. Maintaining your floors requires consistent maintenance. Be careful what you use to clean your floors. Most store bought products are meant for tile but not your grout! Only use a neutral PH cleaner which should be purchased from us or a janitorial/chemical shop. A good back up product is Dawn Dish Soap.

Here are 4 Tips for maintaining your hard surface flooring.

1. Vacuum and sweep floors on a regular basis. Dry soil is abrasive to your floors.

2. Do not mop your floors. Keep in mind grout and water don’t get along so less is more. (spray with neutral cleaner and Swiffer dry 2-3 times per month).

3. Get regular professional cleanings every 1-3 years.

4. Never seal your floors yourself as this is the most common and COSTLY mistake homeowners can make.

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