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Deep Cleaning Services- Akron, Ohio and All surrounding areas

Deep Cleaning – Spring Cleaning – One Time Cleaning – 

A Top to Bottom Cleaning starts at your lights and finishes with floors. A deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning of: bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and bedrooms.

All dirt isn’t created equal. A thorough deep cleaning removes build-up in overlooked areas and prepares your house for regular maintenance cleanings. During your in-home consultation we will discuss what areas need different levels of cleaning:

  1. Dusted

  2. Washed and dried

  3. Soaked and disinfected


Your deep clean includes:

Disinfecting: Tubs, toilets, showers, sinks, countertops, stove tops & inside microwave

Dust/Wipe/Wash: Home décor, doors, frames, sills, light switches, baseboards, vents, furniture & cabinets

Vacuuming and washing floors on hands and knees in bathrooms, kitchens and high traffic areas.

A complete list is provided in our Welcome Packet during your in-home consultation

Spring Cleaning: In addition to our deep cleaning, additional items can be selected for a thorough Spring Cleaning of your home to include:

√ Washing Walls; all walls or rooms of your choice

√ Inside windowsills and frame (accessible with a 2 step, step stool)

√ Inside Refrigerator

√ Inside Oven

Special Attention Procedures

Rather than dry dusting, we wash and wet wipe items like ceiling fans, hanging light fixtures, vents, door frames, baseboards, blinds, and furniture. We also vacuum the tops of drapes or valances.

Bathrooms With our bathroom cleaning services, we start by dusting to remove cobwebs and dirt. Then, we wipe down faucets, mirrors, door handles, countertops, and basins. We also sanitize toilets and clean shower walls and bathtubs. Every Time Procedures

  • High Dust

  • Pick Up and Straighten

  • Soak and Scrub Toilets, Showers, and Tub

  • Dust/Wipe

  • Clean Glass/Mirrors

  • Scrub Sink and Fixtures

  • Clean Upholstery and Floor

Special Attention Procedures

In addition to our “Every Time” procedures, we also wash and wet wipe surfaces like light fixtures, vents, door frames, light switch plates, towel holders, toilet paper holders, cabinet fronts, and tiles outside of the shower area. Kitchen and Laundry Room Our cleaning process for kitchens and laundry rooms are relatively similar. We pay special attention when providing our kitchen cleaning services because we know this room is the heart of your home. We begin by wiping all appliances and countertops. Then, we clean the drip pans and grates on the stove and the inside and outside of the microwave. When laundry room cleaning, we wipe down all surfaces, countertops, and cabinets to remove dirt and dust. We also vacuum or mop the floor to leave it sparkling and debris-free. Every Time Procedures

  • High Dust

  • Pick Up and Straighten

  • Dust/Wipe Surfaces, Door Knobs, and Furniture

  • Clean Major Appliances

  • Clean Glass/Mirrors

  • Scrub, Dry, and Shine Sink

  • Clean Upholstery and Floor

Special Attention Procedures

We wash and wet wipe ceiling fans, vents, hanging light fixtures, door frames, light switch plates, tables and chairs, countertops, backsplashes, blinds, and glass in picture frames. We also vacuum upholstered chairs and the tops of drapes or valances. Specialty House Cleaning Services Life's most special occasions sometimes call for unique cleaning assistance. Whether you're moving, throwing a birthday party, or having the family over for a holiday dinner, our specialty house cleaning services are made to give your home the extra attention it deserves. You can count on us!!!

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