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Carpet Cleaning Done Right!

We do not rush through any job. We really believe that in order to get extraordinary results, we have to be willing to do processes that other companies won't take the time to perform. We use equipment that others don't, to get results that our customers rave about.

One of the things we have discovered over the years is that most homeowners have become so accustomed to mediocre results that they don't really understand what is actually possible to achieve with a company that cares about the outcome of each job. We may not be able to get every stain out, but the number of times that we hear " the last cleaner said that stain wouldn't come out", is staggering.

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There is more than just the cleanliness factor when considering carpet cleaning. It’s also about the life of your carpet. When you neglect to remove the dirt particles, it causes wear and tear and deep stains on your carpet. People forget that carpet is made out of a lot of the same materials that our clothes are like polyester and nylon, so how long would you walk across your clothes without cleaning them?


If you were to think about your favorite pair of jeans and the wear that happens on knee areas, we can compare that to the traffic lanes in a room of carpet. When dirt is allowed to stay on the fibers and be ground in, it will eventually change its ability to refract light properly and have a look that is a little dingier than the rest of the carpet. This is why it is so important to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months at a minimum.

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